Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Bookish Donation for Japan

It's so great to see all of the wonderful ways in which people can donate to benefit Japanese relief efforts.  Seeing all of the devastation and destruction is almost too much to bear.  When researching different means of donating I came across this awesome website called Writers for the Red Cross.  For every $25 donation, you receive a free book!  Thanks to the generosity of some really great authors...there a bunch of wonderful books to choose from.  If I didn't already own The Likeness I would pick that as my freebie (as I loved the author's previous book).

Lot's of folks really like Madame Tussaud so I may pick that book or perhaps I'll choose Revolution or I can donate $50 and get both!

What a great way to contribute to the cause...get on it peeps!

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