Monday, March 28, 2011

Latest Read: The Ask and the Answer

Wow...again.  The second book in the Chaos Walking Trilogy surprised me in a completely wonderful way.

Instead of maintaining the same level of depth as The Knife of Never Letting Go Patrick Ness delves further into the meaty themes of this story.  The Ask and the Answer is definitely a more complex novel than the first and tensions and twists abound.

As spoilers so I can't talk plot.  I can say that it's almost torturous to watch beloved characters get manipulated by the whims of others.  The reader wonders along with the characters who Todd and his friends can trust.  This book alternates between Todd's perspective and another character's (if you've read the first book you'll know who it is).  The dual perspective really assists the story in attaining some serious tension and revealing the gruesomeness of war.  Yet again, Ness ends the book with a cliffhanger; however, due to the dark and intense nature of The Ask and the Answer, I think that I'm going to soak it in a bit before moving on to the conclusion of the series.  I highly recommend this trilogy to all readers!

5/5 stars.

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