Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Latest Read: The Wise Man's Fear

I finally finished the chunkster The Wise Man's Fear and discovered that I could actually fall more in love with this story than I already had with the first novel.

It's amazing how much Rothfuss' books completely transport you into the world he's created.  These novels truly hold a little universe within their pages.  I sighed heavily when I saw that only 100 pages remained to be read...I didn't want my time with these characters and this world to end.

One of the aspects I love most about Rothfuss' books (and seems more pronounced in The Wise Man's Fear) is the stories-within-a-story.  There is much more tale-telling in the second book of The Kingkiller Chronicle and all of the stories were just delightful (my favorite is the one about the boy with the gold screw in his bellybutton).  I also loved that you got to explore more of the realm in Kvothe's world.  Rothfuss takes his hero to exciting and sometimes surprising new places and the reader finally gets to discover some more of the dramatic events behind the legendary tales of Kvothe.

This book also made me feel even sorrier for the elder Kvothe who seems to have lost his way.  I wonder how the last installment of this series can possibly explain all that must have transpired to lead him to become the innkeeper called Kote.  How does Bast come into Kvothe's life?  The shadow of war and unexplained evil looms over the story...what's going to happen??  So many questions to answer in the last book...I can't wait to read it!

Despite having technically already written the full Kingkiller Chronicle, I have a feeling it may take several years (as it did between The Name of the Wind and The Wise Man's Fear) for this last book to be released.  Although patience is one of the virtues I lack, I will gladly wait any number of years to see how Rothfuss will end Kvothe's story.  I can't recommend these books enough.  Seriously, go out and read them now!

5/5 stars

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