Friday, May 3, 2013

Towering TBR: Early May Edition

This new segment on the blog came about because my desire to read new books vastly outstrips my ability to dwindle down my TBR list...oh, to have more free time!  Anyways, these are some new additions to the good ol' TBR:

And the Mountains Echoed by Khaled Hosseini - I've loved both of his other books so I'm super-excited about this one!

Sprig Muslin by Georgette Heyer - I always love a good Heyer novel...and someone somewhere must've recommended this (I wish I could remember)!

The River of No Return by Bee Ridgway - I can't resist time travel novels and this one sounds especially good!

The Three Loves of Persimmon by Cassandra Golds - I found this recommendation over at the Book Smugglers blog and it really piqued my interest!

What new books have you guys discovered?


  1. I just finished reading The River of No Return and I loved it!!!

  2. I can't wait to read the new Khaled Hosseini! I turned down The River of No Return (such restraint) wvwn though it sounded promising, but looked long and I have to start saying no to things :(

  3. And the Mountains Echoed. i can't wait

  4. I REALLY need Khaled Hosseini's new title ... I think that's what I'll get myself for Mother's Day! :)

  5. I'm really excited about The River of No Return as well...I've heard basically nothing but rave reviews about it!