Thursday, March 19, 2015

Transition to Spruced Up Life

Hey folks!  So you may have noticed that my posting has dwindled to fairly infrequent on this here blog.  After a bit of reflection, I've decided that a book-centered blog just doesn't motivate me the way it used to and I would like to diversify my blogging a bit.  With that in mind, I started a new blog, Spruced Up Life (a play off my last name) that covers more than reading.

I'll still talk books of course, but I'm also going to cover foodie goodness, DIY projects, etc.  I know some of my readers will probably only be interested in a book-centric blog and if that's the case for you, farewell bookish friend!  But if you are open to a wider scope then please check out Spruced Up Life and we can continue our bloggy friendship :)