Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Sorry for the loooooong hiatus

Hey folks!  Sorry for the crazy long break from blogging...once again life is getting in the way.  I am moving AGAIN (remember I talked about it before) so things are pretty hectic right now!  Most of my time is spent packing books away rather than reading :(

Indianapolis here we come!

I have been reading but it's been more re-reading rather than taking on new books.  I think when I get stressed I prefer the comfort of my favorites rather than getting engrossed in a new book.  Does anyone else feel that way?

Another event on the horizon that I'm really excited about is a trip to Italy and London!  Does anybody have any recommendations of books with settings in Rome, Florence, Venice, and/or London (especially historical fiction)?  I think it might make my sightseeing more fun if I had some bookish context.  My updates might be a bit slapdash and sporadic for the next few months but I will try and post while all of this craziness is happening :)