Thursday, November 1, 2012

Exciting News from the NPLB Household!

I've got some delightful news to share...we're moving to Indianapolis!!

Woot woot!  Now, we won't be moving until sometime this summer, but nonetheless, I'm super excited about our relocation.  Here are a sampling of things in Indy that have me jumping up and down with glee:

The Indianapolis Museum of Art and the 100 Acres Park (home of Funky Bones for you John Green fans)

Indy Reads Books - yay for fun bookstores!  Maybe I'll finally get to attend some big-time author events now that we'll be in a larger city.

Art Theater - I already frequent this theater often with one of my friends up in Indy...but now it will be even easier for me to catch a good flick!

Lawn Concerts at White River State Park


  1. Indianapolis is a great city, I am sure you are going to love it there!!!

  2. I grew up in Indianapolis so I know that you will enjoy the things that you mentioned. They also have many cafeterias, lovely state parks in the area and Conner Prarie.


  3. No way! That's awesome! I love all of the things you listed and would add a dozen more things to your list. Now we definitely have to meet up soon. Coffee and a trip to Indy Reads Book

  4. Congrats! I've never been to Indy before. I actually haven't been to Indiana before!

  5. And AVID READER is there! I have been to Indy only a few times to visit relatives and don't recall a thing. But it seems like a nice place. (those relatives were lovely - they live in Alabama now)