Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Authors I Wish Would Write Another Book

Hosted by The Broke and the Bookish, this week's topic: Top Ten Authors I Wish Would Write Another Book
  1. J. D. Salinger all the way!  I'm a Salinger freak and would love it if he had written another book in his lifetime.
  2. Christi Phillips - she writes such fun historical fiction with a twinge of mystery!  I know she is supposedly writing a new book set in France but I haven't heard much about its progress.
  3. Stieg Larsson - I'm not usually much of a thriller fan but his Millenium Trilogy was unputdownable!  Unfortunately, his untimely death means no more Larsson books in the future.
  4. Hermann Hesse - his philosophical novels are so thought-provoking!  I would love it if he had written another before his passing.
  5. Sarah Addison Allen - she just published The Peach Keeper but I already want more!  She's fantastic with Southern magical realism novels and I just eat them up.
  6. F. Scott Fitzgerald - another one of my favorite authors!  Who wouldn't love to read another book about 1930s decadence from this master?
  7. Patrick Rothfuss - this is a bit of a cheat because I know he's in the process of writing the last novel of his Kingkiller Chronicles.  However, I also predict that it will be several years before I can get my greedy hands on this book!
  8. Jane Austen - can you imagine if she had written another??  She died much too young, if it had been otherwise we would doubtless have many more masterpieces from Austen.
  9. Suzanne Collins - The Hunger Games Trilogy was such a great addition to current YA - I'd love to see what she comes up with next!
  10. Kate Morton - I really loved The Forgotten Garden and I eagerly look forward to her next endeavor!


  1. Yeah for Suzanne Collins and Jane Austen! Your other choices are great as well especially F. Scott Fitzgerald...I forgot to add him to my list.


  2. I feel the same way about Sarah Addison Allen, I don't think I could ever get tired of reading her books! I would have liked another Salinger book too.

  3. I am with you on Christi Phillips! I know she stopped blogging awhile ago to work on it. I hope to hear more soon!

  4. Stieg Larsson was on my list as well...the trilogy blew me away and Lisabeth Salander is a heroine that's difficult to forget! :)

  5. I also put Jane Austen and Suzanne Collins. Love those two. Fitzgerald is good not my fav, but good.

    And I've been dying to read more Salinger. Great list.

    Here's mine: http://danicapage.blogspot.com/2012/01/top-ten-authors-i-wish-would-write.html

  6. I'd love for Fitzgerald to be able to write another book!

  7. Great list. I have Sarah Addison Allen and Kate Morton on my list, too. I should have added Suzanne Collins.

  8. Rothfuss and Austen, yes! I haven't read The Wise Man's Fear, yet, mainly because I know I'll have to wait several years to read the series' conclusion. It's like torture!

  9. Absolutely, Stieg Larsson. I wish we could've seen that series to completion. I can't bring myself to read the last book because when I do, I know it is over for good and I have loved the first two so much. And yes, I know that is super corny.