Monday, November 1, 2010

Fall far

As you all know...I'm a busy busy fiction reader!  Here's my hit list of good and unique books I've read of late:

The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake
A novel about a girl growing up cursed with the ability to taste people's feelings in their cooking...if you need stories to be completely realistic, this isn't for you, otherwise I highly recommend!  4/5 stars.

The Forgotten Garden
Loooooved this book!  It has mystery, romance, murder, betrayal, and a bit of whimsy.  Seriously, just read it.  5/5 stars.

One Day
Interesting take on a love story...following the lives of the 2 main characters on the same day of each year.  4/5 stars.

Never Let Me Go
The story that evolves in these pages is truly original and heartbreaking; however, the author's writing style was not for me.  It was a bit choppy and MUCH too descriptive.  Despite this, I would recommend the book - and, (gasp!) I think the movie might actually do a better job of telling the story than the book!  4/5 stars.

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