Saturday, April 20, 2013

In Honor of National Poetry Month: Part I

Y'all it's National Poetry Month so I thought I'd add a few posts to the good ol' blog sharing some of my favorite poems!  Here's my first selection from the collection Hip Logic:

by Terrance Hayes

How to make a nation say,       uncle
In other words:       how to rule.
We learn
there will be no clue
before it happens.       No clear
sign from the Cosmos.       A clan-
destine airplane will appear       wrapped in the lace
of a black dream. Then a flash       like an ulcer
bursting in God’s gut. Citizens who goggle & race
about the city      as the sky becomes a caul-
dron.      The bones burn clean.

Any thoughts?  I always find poetry interesting fodder for discussion.  Happy weekend!

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