Saturday, October 9, 2010

Summer Reads: Hits and Misses

Besides crafting, I've also been catching up on my reading.  A voracious reader since the 1st grade...I needed to whet my long neglected appetite for books!!  Booklist rundown (for those looking for some suggestions):
  • First, I had to see what all the ruckus was about concerning the Dragon Tattoo series...and boy was it fun to read!  Great page turners (the 1st and 3rd were my fav) - oh, and the Swedish film is not too terrible (as far as films based on books go)...
  • Next, The School of Essential Ingredients.  If you like books about'll like this book.  It was simple and sweet.  It didn't blow my mind, but I quite liked it.  I followed up with Katherine which was sad, but good historical fiction.
  • Then, I read The Book of Lost Things.  It's an interesting twisted fairytale...I can easily see this becoming a well-liked film as it is not too lengthy and very fantastical.  I also read the similarly titled The Book Thief.  It's a young adult book that I loved so made me cry like a baby, so that says something :)

  • I followed up with The Secrets of Jin-Shei.  For some reason, this was in the library's "Science Fiction" section...and I have no idea why.  It's a good book about friendship between women...along the lines of Snowflower and the Secret Fan (which I highly recommend).
  • I subsequently went on a spell of books that were okay/ I won't even mention them!  Then, during a recent trip to Atlanta I read The Pleasing Hour and the Year of Wonders.  Both were pretty good...the first about a troubled au pair and the second about the plague.
  • Finally, I hit paydirt with Good Omens...the cover says "The apocalypse has never been funnier!" and that really proved true!!
  • My good fortune stuck and I subsequently read two other great books!!  The first called, The Magicians...a Harry Potter for grownups heavily influenced by the Narnia series.  The second was titled The Rosetti Letter which combined historical fiction with mystery...a great read!  I'm already ordering the sequel (entitled The Devlin Diary)!

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