Friday, October 22, 2010

A Selection of 80s Halloween Costumes from our '09 Bash!

Our party was 80s you had to walk through the time warp tunnel to get inside...Ooooh!
...straight from a scene of Karate Kid (the original 80s version of course).  This was actually a very popular costume for the night...we had 2 karate kids, 1 mr. miagi, and 1 bad guy (don't remember his name).
David Bowie and Sarah from the Labyrinth
We found Carmen Sandiego...
Can't have a party without the Miami Vice dudes!
My favorite costume....Mr. & Mrs. Pac Man and Ghosts (the ghosts were reversible...diff. colors on 1 side and dark blue [when they can get eaten by Pac Man] on the other)!
Mr. Rogers!!!
Lastly, me and my husband...can you guess what he was?? Hahaha

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