Friday, March 11, 2011

Life Update...Vacation Hiatus

As of this weekend, I will no longer be cozy in my house with the spring rain falling softly outside (yes, I'm one of those strange people who loves the rain).  The hubs and I are going to the sunny 80-degree weather of Palm Springs, CA!  It's a bit of business (solar conference) mixed with pleasure and I am gleefully looking forward to getting a smidgen of sun on my pasty face.  So, this here blog will be on a little weekend hiatus until I get back (although weekend neglect of the blog is pretty much the norm); however, I hopefully will have devoured several books whilst traveling and have lots of reviews to share.  I'll leave you all with a postcard of my vacay spot that is sure to invoke envy....mwahaha!

Granted, this is a photo of a golf course, which I wouldn't be caught dead on, but pretty nonetheless, no?

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