Thursday, March 10, 2011

Latest Read: The Adventures of the Princess and Mr. Whiffle

What appears to be a children's book at first glance is most definitely for adults.  You might not believe me when you start perusing this book...but please, for the love of man, don't read this to children!  The ending is...well I really can't say anything about the ending now can I?  What I can reveal is that technically there are three endings.  So, I suppose you could read the book up to the first ending to a child - however, if you have curious children (and aren't most children curious?), I wouldn't tempt them to sneak a read at the rest by showing them the delightful first bit of the book.

Loved this hilarious horror book for adults!  Does this mean I am somewhat dark and twisted?  Mayhaps...or I might just like creepy old faerie stories.  Either way, the illustrations by Nate Taylor are delightful and add to the wicked wrongness of this book.  It is rather obvious that I'm a big admirer of Patrick Rothfuss, so I could not avoid sating my curiosity about this story.  I also discovered that some copies of the book (not mine, alas) come with a silver sticker featuring Mr. Whiffle's face (looking similar to the Newbery Award) - but surrounded by the text, "This s**t is not for children. Seriously." - Ha!

4/5 stars

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