Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Top Ten Tuesday: Books Out of My Comfort Zone

Hosted by The Broke and the Bookish, this week's topic: Top Ten Books Out of My Comfort Zone
  1. Zeitoun by Dave Eggers: I'm a very infrequent nonfiction reader (for no particular reason other than preference) yet this was a fantastic piece of nonfiction!
  2. Jesus' Son by Denis Johnson: it's not often that I read short story collections but this one is exceptional!
  3. The Passage by Justin Cronin: vampire thrillers aren't my usual fare but this was a really well-written scary (for wimpy ol' me) book.
  4. The Prophet by Kahlil Gibran: this slim book was gifted to me by my grandfather and is unlike anything I've ever read.
  5. Heads You Lose by Lisa Lutz and David Hayward: despite loving mysteries as a youngster, I don't read them as much as I should and this is a very unique and hilarious mystery!
  6. The Stranger by Albert Camus: while I do have a soft spot for existential lit, this slim read is not the easiest book to read (but it is exceptional).
  7. Just Kids by Patti Smith: this was my first ever musician memoir and it was absolutely beautiful!
  8. The Arrival by Shaun Tan: while I've read several graphic novels by now, this was the first one that I loved to pieces!
  9. Drown by Junot Diaz: again, I don't often read short story collections yet this is another haunting and exceptional work!
  10. Freakonomics by Steven D. Levitt: while nonfiction reading is infrequent for me, reading about economics for fun is even more rare - and boy was this an amusing read!
What about you guys? 


  1. looks like a nice variety of books--sometimes it's nice to step outside of our comfort zone. kaye—the road goes ever ever on

  2. I was really hoping to like The Passage - but alas I just couldn't get into it. I'm not a big fan of vampire-lit but I'm trying to branch out to more dystopian stories. The Passage didn't make the cut, though.

  3. The only one of these I have read is Freakonomics, I really enjoyed it too.

  4. Interesting list! Now I want to read Freakonomics and Jesus' Son (I like short story collections).

  5. An interesting variety. I loved The The Prophet. Here's my post

  6. I had to read The Stranger my senior year of high school (and Waiting for Godot the year before). Those two pretty much cemented my dislike of stories where nothing happens. :p