Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Latest Review: Keepers

Whether they’re parents, married without kids, or single, most people want to do better at mealtime—they want to put good, nutritious food on the table, they’re looking for a more diverse repertoire of dishes to prepare, and they’d like to enjoy the process more. The problem is they don’t believe they have the time or ability to do it night after night. But it can be done, and Keepers will show them how.

Drawing from two decades of trial-and-error in their own kitchens, as well as working alongside savvy chefs and talented home cooks, Campion and Brennan offer 120 appealing, satisfying recipes ideal for weeknight meals. There’s an array of master recipes for classic dishes with options for substitutions, updated old favorites, one-pot meals, “international” dishes, super-fast ones, and others that reheat well or can be cooked in individual portions. Along with timeless recipes, Keepers is filled with invaluable tips on meal planning and preparation, all presented in an entertaining, encouraging, and empathetic style.

Keepers gives cooks all of the tools they need to become more efficient, confident, and creative in the kitchen. It will help them survive the Monday-to-Friday dinner rush with their sanity and kitchens intact, and also have some fun along the way.
My blabberings:
This is one of my favorite new cookbooks.  This book centers around easy but tasty family meals (my favorite kind of cooking). 

I really like the planning section at the start of Keepers.  Normally, I skim these parts of cookbooks but these ladies have some really great tips that I'm going to try and incorporate.  Like, categorizing your recipes into super-quick, one-dish, vegetarian, etc.  Then you can space out these categories so you're not overwhelmed by a week of prep-heavy recipes.  For instance, maybe Wednesdays you want a super-quick meal but Mondays a large one-pot meal would work so that you could eat leftovers throughout the week.  Smart thinkin'!

Now, let's get to the recipes.  Not only are they easy but they're delicious and unique.  Flavors that I would never think work together miraculously do in these recipes.  For example, the Japanese-Style Meat and Potatoes recipe combines ginger with ground beef and potatoes with seriously tasty results.  Then, I made the Expat Fried Rice and was in foodie heaven!  I've been making fried rice all wrong until now.  When I made this yummy meal I made it with salmon and spinach...what a tasty fried rice combo.  Also, I can't wait to try my hand at the Sausage and White Bean Gratin and the Shrimp Wonton Soup - they look sooo good!

This is a cookbook that needs to be on your shelves. Stat.

5/5 stars

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