Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Review: A Girl Worth Ten Coppers

Goodreads Summary:
Seer, healer, goddess, slave–she is all these things and more.

Yim is a young woman suddenly cast into slavery, a gifted seer with a shocking secret–and a great destiny. Honus is a Sarf, a warrior dedicated to the service of the compassionate goddess Karm. A Sarf’s sole purpose is to serve a holy person called a Bearer. But Honus’ s Bearer has been killed by the minions of an evil god known only as the Devourer. Masterless and needing someone to bear his pack, Honus purchases Yim for the price of ten coppers–and their fates are forever entwined.

My thoughts:
Um, so lemme tell you guys something...I have seriously been spoiled by some awesome fantasy reading lately (Rothfuss, Carey, Nemisin, etc).  Thus, my fantasy expectations can be a bit high.  That being said, this was a really delightful start to a fantasy trilogy - helloo adventure, romance, and more! 

I enjoyed Yim's strength of character and that she was still able to harbor plenty of doubt without being annoying (I loathe it when characters doubt themselves at EVERY single point throughout a book).  I also really enjoyed the creepy, despondent setting of this world.  It was very vividly drawn which made the presence of evil felt through every point in the story. 

I originally happened upon this book from a recommendation from the lovely blog The Allure of Books - fantasy fans, you should definitely keep this blog on your radar!  Was this one of my top fave of all time fantasy books...well, no.  Buuut, was it a solid fantasy entry?  Absolutely.  In fact, I was inspired to go get the sequel from the library right away!

Bottom line:  If you're looking for a quick, fun, fantasy read - A Woman Worth Ten Coppers is just the ticket!

3.5/5 Stars


  1. Thanks so much for the shout out! :)

    I agree with you, definitely. It isn't good enough to blow your mind - but its still really good. And you've reminded me that I need to read the sequel!

  2. I don't read a whole lot of fantasy but I'm sort of intrigued!