Tuesday, October 23, 2012

A Selection of Recent Halloween Costumes

My most favorite holiday of the year is Halloween, and so I thought I would (as I have in the past) give y'all a little look-see into the previous year's Halloween awesomeness.  So last year, I was "Dooonise" aka Denise from the Lawrence Welk Show SNL skit and my hubby was Captain Planet:

For those unfamiliar with Denise...here's one of the skits featuring her character - still cracks me up!

Our friends had some rockin' costumes too....like Edward Scissorhands and a shrub (Edward won a costume contest at our local Rocky Horror midnight showing last year)!

Also, Quailman...

Aaand, a fisherman hanging out with the Operation game guy:

Finally, from two years ago...here's our awesome group shot of mostly homemade costumes:
Front Row: Skeleton, Charlie Brown, Gypsy, Joe Dirt, Fire, a Loofa, Monkey, Polluted Mermaid, "Emo kid," Angler Fish, and Borat!

Happy Halloweenie folks!


  1. OMG, I love, love, love your Denise costume. Did you include the baby hands?

  2. I love the Denise cotume and Edward Scissorhands and a shrub!