Thursday, May 17, 2012

Latest Review: Partials

Super Shorty Review, Kick-butt Heroine Edition Vol. 2
AKA my visual review of Partials by Dan Wells

I have recently read several heavily reviewed books lately, all of which happen to have thoroughly awesome female main characters (hence, the above title).  Rather than lump my similar sentiments with what's already out there in the blogosphere, I thought I'd give y'all a quick visual summation of my opinion.  Be on the lookout for one more super-shorty review this week!


And who/what caused all of these problems?  The "Partials" (part human, part robot)...or did they?

My thoughts:

4/5 stars

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(see, I wasn't kidding about the heavily reviewed part!)

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  1. FUN review! I loved Kira and I loved this book. I know it had its mixed reviews, but the cover is awesome and I'm really really excited about the next book. No cliffhangers, like you said, but the story is wide-open for who-knows-what.