Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Historical Fiction Extravaganza

Holy moly!  I went on an intense historical fiction bender this past weekend.  I reread a favorite book of mine called The Rossetti Letter and soon found myself wanting to read similar books.  So, I quickly downloaded a few recommended titles onto my e-reader and took up a near-permanent residence on the couch.  Historical fiction is such a fun escapist genre...although I think I've finally had my fill (for a little while anyways).  Here's the books I devoured this weekend:

  • The Winter Sea by Susanna Kearsley
  • A Cottage by the Sea by Ciji Ware
  • Island of the Swans by Ciji Ware
Of the three I think I enjoyed A Cottage by the Sea the best...although all were fun reads.  I also thought I'd share a few titles of reads along these same lines that are in my TBR list:
  • Frederica by Georgette Heyer
  • Silent in the Grave (and sequels) by Deanna Raybourn
  • The Red Queen by Philippa Gregory

I don't know what it is about historical fiction novels...but they truly are one of my favorite genres of books.  Somehow they're both cozy and yet very enlightening.  It's funny, I never much cared for history courses...but reading novels that bring history to life is quite a different matter. 

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