Monday, February 21, 2011

TV-Free and Loving It!

Last week the hubs and I finally did-away with cable and it's lovely!  We don't really watch very much TV and couldn't justify spending $$ on something that gets so little use.  The few shows we do watch we can still view via the interwebs and we saved ourselves about 70 bucks/month...woot!  Now I can't simply plop down on the couch and zone-out in front of the tube (c'mon, we all do it)...I'm forced to formulate activities and I can get my entertainment from books and Netflix.

While TV has its merits, I am glad that I'm putting it on a (perhaps indefinite) hiatus.  Why?  Well...for starters, no ads!  With the advent of DVR we've convinced ourselves that we aren't still bombarded with attempts to propagate consumerism.  However, even if you are a strict DVR-only viewer with amazing remote dexterity, product placement has become more prevalent in today's shows (mayhaps in response to the DVR??).

Also, I'm glad that I'll have more opportunities to read.  While I'm not sure if I believe the whole "TV turns your brains to mush" theory, I do think that increased reading can only enhance complex reasoning and vocabulary.  Mostly, I'm just happy the hubs and I are saving $.  We're hoping to eventually own our very own little house and since Ben is back in school...penny-pinching is the way to go!  All this being said, TV has its merits and I just love some of the genius shows out there (hellooo Community and Top Chef)!  Yet, I think the hubs and I will do just fine without it :)

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