Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Once Upon a Read-a-Thon Mini Challenge

For my first mini-challenge I simply tweeted my answer...but since this challenge is a bit more involved, I thought I'd devote a post to it!

The mini-challenge I chose to participate in is hosted by The Bookish Type and the instructions are as follows:

Pick any book from your readathon pile and write a fake synopsis based solely on the cover. The synopsis does not have to be related to the actual book at all, just the pretty, pretty cover.

So, here's my faux summary for Alice LaPlante's Turn of Mind:

In this modern-day retelling of Alice in Wonderland, Turn of Mind introduces you to middle-aged Alicia who's about to have her world turned upside down.  One fateful day, Alicia comes down with a terrible headache and decides to take a nap.  While asleep, she dreams about the most curious of worlds where nothing resembles reality and everything is bizarre.  Follow Alicia through her adventures and cheer her on as she navigates the increasingly complex political landscape of this strange new world!

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  1. Hi there

    I'm a new follower. Great blog.

    Believable synopsis. I did Vampire Shift by Tim O'Rourke..I think I butchered it..lol!!

    Michelle A