Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Top Ten Tuesday: Childhood Faves

Hosted by The Broke and the Bookish, this week's topic: Top Ten Childhood Favorites.  This week's topic is tough - so many great reading memories!  If I could cheat I would absolutely add Nancy Drew books (I devoured these), L. M. Montgomery's Anne series, and the Boxcar Children novels!

1.   Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L'Engle - I mean, I loved every L'Engle book I read (and I've read them all) but this was the first and it holds a special place in my heart.

2.   The Chronicles of Prydain Series by Lloyd Alexander - again, everything he writes is fantastic...but reading this series is one of my earliest reading memories.

3.   The Giver by Lois Lowry - the entire dystopian genre owes a big smooch to this breathtakingly beautiful YA dystopian novel (BTW - I just found out there are sequels to The Giver, has anyone read them??).

4.   Wise Child by Monica Furlong - unfortunately, this is a rare and sadly overlooked book.  I don't remember the details of the story, but I remember being completely enamored with this novel.

5.   The Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis - I have a feeling this will make an appearance on most people's lists.

6.   The Blue Sword (and series) by Robin McKinley - I don't think I can convey how much I looooved this book with words (um, kickass sword-wielding heroine anyone??).  If you like fairytales you should definitely check out McKinley's works!

7.   The Ear, the Eye and the Arm by Nancy Farmer - early proof that I would soon be nerdtastic...futuristic sci-fi awesomeness :)

8.   The Witch of Blackbird Pond by Elizabeth George Speare - wonderful historical fiction with endearing characters.

9.   The Golden Compass (and series) by Philip Pullman - I was lucky to have a bookworm mom.  Due to her bookish-ness, she heard the buzz surrounding this epic book and it was purchased for me when it was only available as a hardcover back in '95 - thanks mom!

10.   The Crystal Cave (and series) by Mary Stewart - these are not necessarily YA books (but not particularly challenging either), yet what kid doesn't love tales of Arthur and Merlin??  This series was (and is) one of my faves.


  1. I've only just heard of The Giver (I picked up a copy in a budget bookstore on a whim) and had no idea how popular it is. My Mum introduced me to the Golden Compass too - not sure she appreciated me swiping the sequels before she'd even read them though!

    My Top Ten is here if you'd like a look :)

  2. about The Giver: yes, i've read the sequels!! Gathering Blue and The Messenger! Both are great... they are more like companions in that they don't pick up immediately after The Giver ends, but they are so wonderful and well worth the read.

    i just got A Wrinkle In Time because i have been embarrassed forever that i have never read a L'Engle book. i'm staring at it right now. getting started on that series and the narnia books are on my 2012 list.

    and oh my word, i have MAD love for the His Dark Materials books, although i didn't read them as a child.

    love your list. of course, there are some on here that i need to read, being that we are so like-minded, so i'll probably come back to do some research on them. :)

  3. Some new ones I haven't heard of! I will have to check them out. Loved Narnia and A Wrinkle in Time! Just recently discovered Robin McKinley as well.

    Here's mine: http://feministfairytalereviews.blogspot.com/2011/12/top-ten-tuesday-4-childhood-favorites.html

  4. I loved Wrinkle in Time, Narnia and The Giver. I didn't read some of the others, like Golden Compass and Crystal Cave, until I was older. I think those books are always more powerful when you're young.

  5. I really loved The Crystal Cave too- great choice!

  6. I keep seeing the Giver today... not sure how I missed reading this one.

    Also, I MUST check out The Ear, The Eye, and the Arm. The Title is WAY too good to pass up!

  7. Thanks for the list - I've not read any of those though, apart from Narnia and I LOVE that series!

  8. I LOVED A Wrinkle in Time as a kid but had a hard time getting into it as an adult... I really need to read The Giver, I'm a little embarrassed to admit I haven't read it yet! Here’s my Top Ten Childhood Favorites post! ~ Jen @ A Book and a Latte

  9. Ah, great picks all around! Especially A Wrinkle in Time.

    A lot of these I didn't discover until I was an adult, like The Giver and Wise Child. And The Ear, The Eye and The Arm! I used to recommend that one all the time when I worked at a bookstore.

    Did you enjoy The Witch of Blackbird Pond? I had to read it for school, and I think my teacher sucked all the fun out of it! And this from someone who was OBSESSED with the Salem Witch Trials.