Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Library Loot: May 25-31

Library Loot is a weekly event co-hosted by Marg (Reading Adventures) and Claire (The Captive Reader) that encourages bloggers to share the books they’ve checked out from the library.

This week I have four little lovelies that I snatched from the local lib:

Warm Bodies by Isaac Marion...I heard so many great things about this one on the blogosphere that I just had to check it out!

Silent in the Grave by Deanna Raybourn...this one's been sitting on my TBR for awhile and when I saw there was no wait (there's a lot of readers in my community) I decided to snatch it up while I had the chance.

City of Bones by Cassandra Clare...since Mortal Instruments is the big-time YA trilogy of the moment I thought I'd check it out :)

The Ladies of Missalonghi by Colleen McCullough...I already finished this one earlier this week and my thoughts were...meh.  Not a big fan.  I checked this one out because I heard it was based on The Blue Castle by L.M. Montgomery which I enjoyed as a cozy little read.  Unfortunately, this one was nowhere near as good.  Oh well!


  1. I've never heard of The Ladies of Missalonghi and really had no idea that there was anything out there based on or inspired by The Blue Castle How interesting, but also how unfortunate that it disappointed. Enjoy the rest of your loot!

  2. Good ones! City of Bones rocks! I haven't heard of the others but Silent in the Grave looks really cool :)

    -Kate the Book Buff
    The Book Buff: Book Reviews for Regular People

  3. @Claire - I know, I'm bummed it didn't live up to The Blue Castle...but it's hard to beat L.M. Montgomery :)

    @Kate...speeding through City of Bones right now and having so much fun!

  4. The Mortal Instruments books are great. Glad you got around to City of better check out the next two before you finish you'll have a fit until you do!!

    And OH MY WORD! Warm Bodies is seriously literally honestly the most fun I've had reading a book in a while. Just really fun. Who would've thought zombies could fall in love? I just finished it a couple of days ago and it was featured on my Teaser Tuesday and Tune In Tuesday yesterday. You are going to LOVE IT. ;) ~Asheley

  5. ...wait, I guess it's the next THREE with the Mortal Instruments now that CoFA is out!

  6. The Mortal Instruments series is on my tbr list. Enjoy!

  7. Enjoy your loot and thanks for sharing!
    My Library Loot