Tuesday, January 7, 2014

TTT: Bookish Goals for 2014

Hosted by The Broke and the Bookish, this week's topic: Top Ten Bookish Goals/Resolutions for 2014.  I already kinda touched on this in my New Year of Reading post, but let me delve a little deeper into my goals as a reader:

1.  I am going to try and read all of my kindle backlog - whoa!  This may seem pretty ambitious but I've been working on this one slowly but surely so that I only have a handful (okay, maybe two handfuls) of digital books left.

2.  I want to re-read the Anne of Green Gables series (below) and Mary Stewart's Arthurian Saga series (above) because I loved them both and it's been long enough that I only barely remember the story lines.

3.  Another goal is to make a serious dent in my bookshelves.  There are wayyy to many unread books on my shelves.

4.  I resolve to cull my book stash...see April's post for some tips if you have the same aim (she's more ruthless than I can manage).  I've already started this, and have one bag filled so far!

5.  Use the library more!  I love that I live so close!

6.  I have a backlog of ARCs that I really want to read...I hope I can at least finish a couple of these.

7.  My goal is to read about two books per week this year.

8.  I want 2014's Foodie February to blow every other Foodie February out of the water content-wise.  I want to do two foodie fiction/cookbook reviews a week...we'll see :)

9.  I'd like to continue reading from a variety of different genres...I need to make sure that I include some more non-fiction this year.  I've got a couple of books on my shelves that would fit the bill - goal double whammy!

10.  Buuut, at the same time, my fave genre is literary fiction and to get to my overall books read goal, I think I should allow myself to read more from this category.


  1. I just reread the whole Anne series over the last couple years and it was such a treat to revisit them as an adult! I've read The Crystal Cave, but still haven't gotten to the rest of that series. I need to make that a priority this year.

  2. YAY for Anne of Green Gables!! I'd love to re-read those as well. And I see you're reading Mists of Avalon - I want to tackle that one this year. I bought the book and the audiobook last year but haven't read it yet. Hooray for non-fiction! I'm working on one of Anthony Bourdain's books (Kitchen Confidential) and I'm really enjoying it. Great list, I love it! (:

  3. I love that you posted the Arthur "music video" about the library. That used to be my kids' favorite show and I love how it teaches kids to love reading :)

    Happy New Year!

  4. I'm also trying to read more from of my kindle backlog this year (I have over 200 books on there that I haven't read yet). It's so easy to keep adding books to it, and then never get around to reading them.

  5. I want to read 1 nonfiction book a month, so I feel ya on that one!