Wednesday, April 13, 2011

90's Dance Partay...Part Deux

Allright, folks!  Here's some more 90s party goodness for ya :)
So, we've already discussed costumes...I guess the next thing on the agenda would be the decorations.  This is a toughie but I did luck out in finding some awesome balloons from Urban Outfitters (on sale for 99 cents!):

Blue - "Chillin;" Green - "All that & a bag of chips;" White - "Chillaxin, Poser, Chillin, Booyah!, Stylin;" Orange - "Phat"
Balloons not pictured are a smiley-face (those were big in the 90s thanks to a 70s revival/obsession) and "She could be a farmer in those clothes" (a memorable Clueless quote).  How fun are these??

I'm planning on incorporating other things into the decor too.  If I had a lava lamp, I would definitely dust it off and display it prominently.  But, alas, my lava lamp from the 90s is packed away somewhere at my parents' house.  So instead I'll be using lots of black lights (as those were huge at the time) and lots of bright neon colors.  Oh, and for a bit of reminiscent fun...I'm going to try and find some slap bracelets (mayhaps at a party store) for guests to play with  :)

And now for some party tunes:

EMF - Unbelievable...yeah, one-hit wonders!

I still love this song

This will forever remind me of SNL's "Night at the Roxbury" skits

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