Monday, April 11, 2011

90's Dance Partay

I know that I normally write about books...but this Friday is the hubs' b-day and he requested that I throw him a 90's dance-party for the occasion.  Soooo....I decided to dedicate the entire week of this blog to 90s stuffs!  Mayhaps you'll want to throw an awesome 90s-esque party in the near future.  If so, after reading this week's worth of educational info, you should be well-prepared for an awesome bash.  I'll try to attach several music videos in each post this week that will be featured at the party.  For all you 90's kids...let's take a walk down memory lane, eh?

Okay, I 'spose I'll start with the costumes...yep, 90s getup is a requirement.  The hubs decided that he wants to go as a contestant from "Legends of the Hidden Temple."  Looks like his Tron helmet from the 80s Halloween party will be getting a yellow makeover :)

And I'm hovering between two costumes...either Andrea from 90210:

Or a Fly Girl from "In Living Color"

We'll really just depends on what I can find at the local costume shop and Goodwill.  And now onto some of the "tunage" we'll be playing at our shindig :)

First up, some Black Box (FYI - the gal in the vid is NOT the actual singer she's a model...ha):

Next, one of my favs "Cantaloop (Flip Fantasia):

And, of course, we gotta have some Salt-N-Pepa for a 90s dance party :)


  1. Please dress as Andrea Zuckerman and make Ben go as Brandon!

  2. Ha! It would be awesome to get Ben to gel his hair Brandon/Elvis-style! I doubt he'd go for it though...such a party-pooper!