Monday, April 18, 2011

Weekend Recap

So, the 90's party was a success and a great time!  It pretty much pooped me out for the weekend but I managed to leave my couch on Saturday to meet up with the Bloomington Booksters for our latest soiree!  Katie chose The Eyre Affair for her turn as host (which I happened to have read before).  The group was somewhat slacker-ish this time around as two of us didn't finish the book...whups! :)

It ended up working out just fine as this particular novel doesn't easily lend itself to a typical book club discussion.  Since I had read it before I was going to try and read the sequel but I didn't get around to it - making me a slacker as well!  It was a fun time with the ladies and we ate some delicious appetizers while chatting the night away.  Since everyone has hosted once, we are going to try to change things up for the next round.  We were thinking of having the hostess choose a favorite book that she wants the others to read rather than choosing a book she's never read.  Should be fun!  I'm excited to see what people pick and I have no idea what I'll choose for my turn...maybe Snowflower and the Secret Fan or Room or The Knife of Never Letting Go or The Forgotten Garden...sheesh, how will I ever choose?

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