Friday, April 22, 2011

Cheap Creative Dates for the Weekend

Being together with your significant other for awhile inevitably leads to a lull in the new/exciting arena of the relationship.  It allows for the "been there, done that" attitude to sneak into your partnership.  I mean, if the hubs takes me out to dinner for a doesn't seem that special because we do that often.  Thus, it's time to get creative!  So, I went on a quest for new and fun things the hubs and I could do together for our dates and here's what I've found/come up with:

  • Buy a large canvas and some paint, head to a park, and take turns adding to the painting.  After we've finished, we can hang the creation in our home or we can try and sell our painting to a passerby.
  • Watch a local theater performance (gotta love the Bloomington Playwright's Project)!
  • Go to the planetarium on campus at night to do some stargazing.
  • Drink some wine and write a silly short story together.
  • Have Sunday brunch together and tackle the crossword puzzle whilst listening to "Wait! Wait! Don't tell me!"
  • Go to the Starlite Drive-In (okay we do usually do this most summers but it never loses its appeal for me).

Have a fun weekend folks!  P.S. - if you have any other fun/creative date sure to pass them on!

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