Monday, March 3, 2014

Monday Miscellany: Craft Space Redo - Reveal!

Hey folks!  The Monday Miscellany segment on the blog is where I take off my reader glasses and share some non-bookish musings.  This week I'm revealing my craft space reorganization project.

Here's the before for those of you who didn't see my original post.  On the left is my crazy disorganized craft dump space and on the right is the barely used closet in our bonus room:

Here's the work-in-progress photos.  The left side is where I moved all of my crafties into the bonus room thinking "ugh! How is this all going to fit?!"  The right is where the hubby took off the doors and the molding for me:

And the official Before & After!!  My sewing machine is going to go into that blank spot once I finish with the t-shirt quilt I'm making (I'll be sure to write about that in another miscellany post)!

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