Tuesday, March 4, 2014

TTT: Top Ten Popular Authors I've Never Read

Hosted by The Broke and the Bookish, this week's topic: Top Ten Popular Authors I've Never Read

1. Stephen King – I know, it’s absolutely crazy! The thing is...I'm not a big scary book/movie fan so I have avoided Mr. King.  I do really want to read his book On Writing so hopefully I'll remedy this author lapse.

2. John Grisham...although I have seen many of the movies based on his books.

3. Agatha Christie – I’ve always meant to read one of her mysteries but haven’t managed to do so yet.

4. Nora Roberts...I think she's a romance writer, right?

5. Lee Child – even though the genre is a bit out of my comfort zone…I have wanted to read one of his books!

6. George R. R. Martin – I’ve been meaning to get my hands on The Game of Thrones…but then I started watching the TV series and I can’t decide if I want to both watch and read.  Anybody have suggestions? 

7.  Orson Scott Card – I really want to read Enders Game…it will happen one of these days! 

8. Janet Evanovich – her books sound like fun but I still haven’t even put her on my TBR…shocking!  

 9.  Rick Riordan – his books look super-fun, I definitely have to check out his Percy Jackson series soon!

10. Michael Crichton – I picked up Jurassic Park once but only read a few pages before I lost interest!

Bonus question for funsies: Which of these authors purchased the van that hit him/her with the desire to smash it to pieces? (I learned this at a trivia event the other week!)


  1. Good list, I love Rick Riordan books and I think that you'll enjoy reading them.

  2. I have only read Stephen King and Michael Crichton, but neither are my favorite by any means!
    New follower :)
    Missie @ A Flurry of Ponderings

  3. I read a lot of Grisham in high school. I never read King until recently, but I was so surprised by how much I loved it! I'd highly recommend The Green Mile.

  4. The only one of these authors I've read is George R.R. Martin. I'm about halfway through Game of Thrones now. It isn't an easy read, but I'm enjoying it.

    I do have It on my TBR pile, but not sure if I'll ever read it

  5. FYI: The bonus question answer is.....Stephen King!