Monday, March 31, 2014

Monday Miscellany: Ramblings About Blogs

Hey folks!  The Monday Miscellany segment on the blog is where I take off my reader glasses and share some non-bookish musings.  This week is semi-bookish in that I wanted to discuss other book blogs.

I've found that in my years as a blogger, the percentage of YA books I've read has been continuously increasing.  Meaning, I'm definitely reading a lot more YA than I would if I weren't a blogger.  This is largely due to the numerous book blogs I follow that heavily (or completely) focus on YA fiction.  In general, there seems to be more YA book blogs than adult fiction book blogs out there in the I wrong about this?

Now, there's nothing wrong with YA in the least but I have a personal preference for literary fiction and somehow I've deviated from my preferences.  Anyways, I've hit a bit of a breaking point and really want to redirect my focus to adult literary fiction (of course, with smidgens of fantasy, nonfiction, and YA sprinkled throughout).  One of my favorite aspects about blogging is finding great book recommendations.  So, it follows that if I want to redirect my reading back to literary fiction, I need to find some adult fiction book blogs where I can gather recommended reads!  Therefore, I'm asking you, my fellow bloggers and readers, if you have any blogs to recommend.

One of my favorite places to find adult fiction recommendations is the Books on the Nightstand podcast...what about you folks? Also, please feel free to shamelessly self-promote! :)


  1. Fine, fine, fine, if I must, my own. I don't read YA at all (except listening to The Fault in Our Stars that I just reviewed), so most of my reviews are contemporary literary fiction with a side of nonfiction. For new books I too rely on other bloggers, the NY Times and LA Times, following independent book sellers like Book Soup and Parnassus, and just perusing Amazon (let the lynching begin!).

  2. I very rarely read YA. I have definitely been introduced to more YA authors since blogging though. You're definitely right about tons of blogs covering only that. I tend to stick to adult literature and classics with the occasionally graphic novel/YA/children's lit tossed in.