Monday, September 26, 2011

Mailbox Monday

Mailbox Monday is a touring meme where book bloggers share their bookish acquisitions from the week prior.  It is hosted this month by Amused By Books.

This week I went on a bit of a book shopping spree:

The Monsters of Men by Patrick Ness...I've delayed this as long as I can, I finally need to finish this terrific series!

I purchased Ready Player One by Ernest Cline because both my husband and I want to read this sucker!

I also received some fantastic books as gifts: Work Hard. Be Nice. and Boy's Life

I had a delightfully distracting week and hope to get down to reading all of the fabulous books I just received!  What's in your mailbox?


  1. I've heard a lot of good things about Ready Player One. Enjoy your new reads.

  2. Have a nice week of reading.

  3. Work Hard. Be Nice. sounds like a terrific gift for a favorite teacher!

  4. Ready Player One looks like a great read. I have not heard of it before, hope you like it!

  5. I keep seeing Ready Player One everywhere but I don't know if it'll be my thing. But I think I'm going to source it out anyway as my boyfriend will probably enjoy it even if I don't :)

  6. I've seen great reviews for the Cline book. Enjoy!

  7. Monsters of Men is SO SO brilliantly excellent. I love it So So much. I can't stress this enough. I'm so happy to see it on this blog post, I could dance. I'm not even joking.

    It took me a long time to read it because I read all three books in sequence and I was SO EMOTIONALLY ATTACHED to the characters. By the time I got to MoM, I could only read like 5-10 pages at a time before I had to stop and soak it all in until the next day or two. It was emotionally exhausting but I loved it. And now, two or three weeks later, I'm still riding the emotional roller coaster. It's such a wonderful feeling. I'm not sure if I just had a really exponentially large love for those books, or if everyone feels the same way. You'll have to let me know.